Photo Submission

Is your child’s cuteness just too much to keep to yourself? We’d love to help! We’re looking to spotlight (in accordance with HIPAA guidelines, of course) the amazing and adorable children we helped deliver on our social media channels.

What Won’t Happen

There will be no personal information shared with the photos. That means, NO names, NO birthdays, no mention of family members, NO addresses, NO information that could point back to you in anyway. Promise.

What Will Happen

Your child’s image will be featured in a monthly social media segment, along with other children as the “River Oaks Babies of the Month!” We ask that you not tag your child directly on our page, but if you feel like sharing the photo on your own pages, great!

What We’re Looking For

Photos of River Oaks delivered children. We think your baby is as beautiful as you do, but please keep photo submissions to three photos per child. Also, we will not be able to post photos of your children completely nude, so be sure to dress up those cuties for their River Oaks Social media debut!

How to Participate

Download our printable Patient Authorization of Use and Disclosure of Photos Form, sign and return it along with your photos via Email or in person at River Oaks OB/GYN. Once you have signed your release, you can send photos to, photos will be reviewed, approved and posted at the end of the month in which they were sent.