About Us

Our Mission

River Oaks OB/GYN of Elkhart

The River Oaks OB/GYN health care team is ready to be your lifetime partner in maintaining excellent health.

Our mission is to provide you with an analysis of the best, current medical thinking, and then assist you in reviewing the range of options available for further evaluation and treatment. Our River Oaks OB/GYN health care team is ready to be your lifetime partner in maintaining excellent health, as well as to provide the expertise to restore your health to its full potential.

Our Proud Tradition

Founded in 1961, we have been serving the women of Elkhart County with pride and excellence for over 50 years! Edward Mininger, M.D., Herbert Cormican, M.D., Virgil Graber, M.D. and Ramona Middleton, M.D started Hudson OB/GYN, with the goal of providing comprehensive and high-quality healthcare to the women of the community they loved. Though the practice has grown and expanded, their original vision remains the heart of what we do. In August 1994, Hudson OB/GYN moved from Hudson St. to our current location on West Lexington St. and became River Oaks OB/GYN. Today, we provide a wide range of obstetric and gynecologic medical care for women – at every stage of life.

Our Priority is You!

River Oaks OB/GYN of Elkhart

Our first priority is to provide high-quality, responsive and convenient medical care.

The first priority at River Oaks OB/GYN is to provide high-quality, responsive and convenient medical care to all of our patients. Our two office locations are designed to accommodate patients comfortably, with minimal waiting time.

Obstetric patients are welcomed at our Women’s Center office, conveniently connected to Elkhart General Hospital, while our Lexington Avenue office is dedicated to gynecological visits including annual exams and non-obstetrical problems.

We recognize that your time is valuable. At River Oaks, we make every effort to keep our appointments on time. However, due to the demands of emergencies, deliveries and telephone calls, we occasionally run behind. We encourage patients to call ahead of their appointment to check if their doctor is on schedule.

There is always a River Oaks physician available for emergencies. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During business hours, a staff nurse will consult your physician about your case, and relay their recommendations for addressing the problem. After hours, our answering service will take your information and have the on-duty physician return the call as soon as possible.

If your condition requires a different specialist for evaluation and treatment, you may be referred to another physician or to the Emergency Room.

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