Surgical and Non-Surgical Management of Pelvic Support Problems/Prolapse

Although not a serious or life-threatening problem, loss of support of the vaginal walls can be uncomfortable for many women. Usually felt or seen as a bulge of tissue at the vaginal opening which has not been present in the past, this may represent the front or back walls of the vagina or the uterus or any combination of the three areas.

River Oaks physicians have a special interest in pelvic organ prolapse, and have mastered up-to-date methods of evaluation and treatment of these disorders. After your physician understands exactly where the weaknesses lie, treatment options will be discussed and may include simple observation, placement of a pessary within the vagina to mechanically support the prolapsed tissues or surgical therapy.

River Oaks surgeons have introduced a number of new surgical techniques and procedures to our area which have significantly advanced the treatment of these conditions for our patients. Many women can live with this condition for years without harmful effects; however, due to uncomfortable feelings of pelvic pressure and protrusion of tissue, many women will choose to use a pessary or have it surgically corrected.

Because of our interest in this area, and commitment of time and energy to learn new and better surgical techniques, we are able to offer treatment options that are unavailable through other practices in this area.